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French is available to students of all ages. The length of time each class has French lessons is dependent upon the student's age. The French program provides students with opportunities to converse, create and apply the lessons they have used in grammar, syntax and vocabulary in an interactive and enthusiastic manner. Students are given the opportunity to excel in this program; based upon each student's progress Nicole Stirling ensures that a foundation and understanding is achieved.



Visual Arts

Art at Northumberland Montessori School begins within the Children's House. Students are encouraged to draw, cut, paste and create their own masterpieces. A variety of mediums are available for children to use creatively. Drawing begins with the child's first impression of what they have perceived through illustrations, photos and paintings created by professional artists. Gaining further experience and confidence the children incorporate illustrations in their work and are encouraged to do so throughout their time at NMS.


Art lessons begin in the Elementary room and these sessions are interchanged between two professional local artists, Christine Benson and Jenny Duda. Both ladies bring their unique styles to the students as well as enhance their lessons with factual information related to the world of Art. Individuality and expression is welcomed and creativity is encouraged.






Jane Brglez, introduces Kinder Music to the students in the Children's House. The children engage in movement, sound activities, songs and stories which are enthusiastically demonstrated by Jane. 


Also available on a weekly basis under the instruction of our music teacher, Carolyn Hyma, piano lessons are  offered during school time at an additional fee. Carolyn also works with our Upper Elementary with voice lessons as well as recorder lessons for our Lower Elementary students




Physical Education

Physical activity is encouraged to take place either through play or specialized instruction. Intermittently students attend lessons in swimming, tennis, skiing, yoga, skating as well as other physical activities which are available to the students within the local community.

At Northumberland Montessori School we believe in giving students the opportunity to become engaged in as many cultural experiences and activities as possible as it is important for the development of the person. These opportunities are given equal importance along with all other subjects.

" Free the child's potential and you will transform him into the world." ~ Maria Montessori ~

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